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2016-04-09Fix osterbro border.Siri Reiter
2016-04-09Redraw Sydvest area.Siri Reiter
2016-04-09Redraw Valby area.Siri Reiter
2016-04-09Correct frederiksberg border line.Siri Reiter
2016-04-09Remake City area.Siri Reiter
2016-04-08Fix Vesterbro.Siri Reiter
2016-04-08Fix borders of havnen.Siri Reiter
2016-04-08Borders of Frederiksberg.Siri Reiter
2016-04-08Remove links to other maps for now.Siri Reiter
2016-04-07Improve borders of Bispebjerg.Siri Reiter
2016-04-07Improve borders of Osterbro.Siri Reiter
2016-04-07Correct Norrebro borders.Siri Reiter
2016-03-29Add sydvest.Siri Reiter
2016-03-29Add voldkvarterer.Siri Reiter
2016-03-29Add valby.Siri Reiter
2016-03-29Add norrebro.Siri Reiter
2016-03-29Add vesterbro.Siri Reiter
2016-03-29Add havnen to map.Siri Reiter
2016-03-29Add islandsbrygge and frederiksberg shapes.Siri Reiter
2016-03-29Add Amager to kbh-map.Siri Reiter
2016-03-02Add inline image link to map and tag front page (test).Siri Reiter
2016-02-24Add city-kvarter polygon and links.Siri Reiter
2016-02-22Fix link to map.Jonas Smedegaard
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2016-02-21Remove Slotsholmen polygon (move to city) and add Østerbro. Add popup links ...Siri Reiter
2016-02-21Use Stamen tiles.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-02-20Add test polygon.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-02-19Enable positionpopup.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-02-19Add test maps.Jonas Smedegaard