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masterUse normalize and ikiwiki-style.Jonas Smedegaard5 years
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2015-02-27Use normalize and ikiwiki-style.HEADmasterJonas Smedegaard
2015-02-27Replace boilerplate, including copyright and licensing.Jonas Smedegaard
2015-02-27Switch to Sass, overwriting main styling (not extend).Jonas Smedegaard
2015-02-27Style: Override sidebar border added in Ikiwiki 3.x.Jonas Smedegaard
2015-02-27Style: Tighten HR suppression to work with Ikiwiki 3.x.Jonas Smedegaard
2015-02-27Style: Change topbar, sidebar and farbar to class (not id) to match Ikiwiki 3.x.Jonas Smedegaard
2015-02-27Notebox to the right.Siri Reiter
2015-02-27Content margin left wider.Siri Reiter
2015-02-27Notebox * green text retry.Siri Reiter
2015-02-27Notebox * green text.Siri Reiter