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masterSet image solo to 100%.Siri Reiter17 months
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2019-01-14Set image solo to 100%.HEADmasterSiri Reiter
2018-05-17Tighten map styling.Siri Reiter
2018-05-13Increase margin left for images.Siri Reiter
2018-05-13Drop max line width for both content and deco images.Siri Reiter
2018-05-11Increase margins above and below headlines.Siri Reiter
2018-05-10Hide topbar background image.Siri Reiter
2017-09-04Adding width to image class solo.Siri Reiter
2017-09-04Fix (hopefully) image classes.Siri Reiter
2017-09-03Reduce margin top of h1 and experimentally remove special margins of p.Siri Reiter
2017-09-02Normalize farbar inline page text color (black, not blue).Siri Reiter