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masterFix send to (not only to Smedegaard2 years
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2017-12-22Fix send to (not only to Smedegaard
2017-12-21Form text corrections.Siri Reiter
2017-12-21Customize form.Siri Reiter
2017-12-21Rename and duplicate form.Siri Reiter
2017-12-21Update host and use https protocol, now that we control the host.Jonas Smedegaard
2015-02-26Isolate webmaster, frontdesk and helpdesk. Use webmaster (not submitted email...Jonas Smedegaard
2015-02-26Drop (apparently misguided) use utf8::all.Jonas Smedegaard
2015-02-26Fix use (not static-only Smedegaard
2015-02-26Add comment for email field.Jonas Smedegaard
2015-02-26Explicitly require comment (thereby not implicitly requiring email or zip).Jonas Smedegaard